Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sweetpea and Jasperello Jae

Sweetpea and Jaserello met on Catster and have been an intem for quite some time. Jasper has asked Sweetpea to marry him and she did say yes. This has never happened before and since it is a fun thing to do on Catster, I could barely see to my human daughter's weddings much less a cat's wedding!! Catster has made it possible for middle aged menopausal women to join and and share and have an innocent kind of fun that is a return to their puberty. There will be alot on this page concerning the wedding. The bridesmaids, the showers etc., and as I go along, I will most probably getting better and better and more used to this. I have never set up a webpage for my cats before except their personal pages on Catster that so happens to be a very fun and wonderful website. Without Catster, I would not be doing this.

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