Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sasha, the middle child.

Sasha is the child between Baby and I. Baby is the oldest and I am the youngest girl. Sasha was born with spina-bifida. She is very limber in her hind quarters and can sit like she is doing the splits. She loves everybody and everybody loves her. She greets everybody that comes in the house and likes to sit behind them up on the couch and do and groom their hair. She sometimes pulls her hair out of her rear end because of an allergy so she sometimes has to get shots and those shots also help her with pain in her condition because her hind end gets sore at times. We can tell by the way she drags her legs behind her when she is especially not feeling too well. She is going to live a very long time. She hardly ever leaves mom's side. She sits by mom on the couch and sleeps besides her at night. She used to try to nurse off my big sister Baby and Baby liked to pretend that Sasha was her baby. Baby has a boyfriend named Budweiser. Sasha is still looking.


Daisy said...

Sasha, I love yer hat!

glamcats said...

I am testing to see if this blog will be posted because of the trouble I'm having